The semi-automatic or automatic centrifugal hydroextractor, with overturning discharge, is well adapted to testing a centrifuge with simple automatic cycle, and with a reduced capacity from that of the RCPC production scale lines.
Feeding / hydroextraction Casing overturning Product discharge
Feeding / hydroextraction Casing overturning Product discharge
Batch automatic centrifuge with overturning casing showing cycle steps


  • Capacity: 50 L / 80 kg depending on the product
  • Adaptable to many products that are fragile (with specially designed basket sidewalls..)
  • Easy to clean: clean in place system, systeme nettoyage en place, easy inspection betweeen casing and basket. Perfectly adapted to multiproduct service.
  • Robust and mechanically proven, all stainless steel construction
  • Easy to maintain
  • Heavy duty use up to 50-60 cycles/hr.

Operating principle:

  1. Feeding : With the casing in the vertical position, the centrifuge receives the product from an overhead conveyor, or feed chute, etc. The basket is at a slow rotational speed to ensure uniform product distribution.
  2. Hydroextraction : When the feed step is completed, the basket speed is increased to a pre-determined setpoint.
  3. Product discharge : Once basket rotation has stopped, the casing assembly and basket overturn 180* such that the product is discharged by gravity.The assembly returns to the vertical position and a new cycle can begin. The RC60RIAL can also be used for semi-automatic service : The operator triggers the overturning and the product is recovered in a bin, which eliminates the need for manually removing the product.

ROUSSELET ROBATEL can accommodate various production requirements, and with our extensive expertise, we can provide specially designed machines with ancillary equipment upon request.