Rousselet Robatel has developed a line of continuous and batch centrifuges that are specifically designed for the food processing industry.

Batch Centrifuges with Removable BasketBatch Centrifuges with Removable Basket

Rousselet Robatel manufactures a wide range of vertical basket centrifugal hydro-extractors for processing food products such as fresh vegetables, salad, fried foods…

Batch Automatic Centrifuges

Rousselet Robatel has developed a line of batch automatic centrifuges, for the food processing industry, that are designed to process large volumes of food products while minimizing damage to the food items…

Continuous Centrifuge SCPC-E

Rousselet Robatel manufactures a continuous centrifuge, for processing large volumes of food by-products.

Decanter Centrifuges with Manual or Semi-Automatic Solids Discharge

Rousselet Robatel has specifically designed decanter centrifuges for separating phases with different densities, for semi-continuous clarification of solutions with small solids quantities.

Liquid/Liquid Centrifugal Extractors for the Food Industry

Rousselet Robatel designs and fabricates a range of centrifugal extractors that are perfectly adapted for purification of food products using liquid / liquid extraction, for purifying flavors and fragrances…