Textile Industry Centrifuges by Rousselet RobatelRousselet Robatel manufactures continuous and batch centrifugal hydro-extractors designed for applications such as wool, cotton, nylon, virgin or recycled fabrics, for hydro-extraction of bobbins, loose stock, recycled fibers, carpet recycling, hanks, fabric sheets, and clothing…

Typical Applications

Rousselet‐Robatel centrifugal hydro extractors are used in the production of technical textiles and in traditional fiber dyeing & treatment applications.

  • Natural and Synthetic Fibers after Solution Dyeing
  • Cotton after Bleaching, Medical & Absorbent Cotton
  • Wool Washing, Carbonizing
  • Fibers after Chemical Treatment (Anti‐Microbial, Safety)
  • Carpet Recycling (Nylon 6,6 and Polypropylene Fibers)
  • Solvent from Contaminated Wipes (EPA Resource Conservation & Recovery Act)
  • Glass Fibers & Geo‐Textiles

Continuous Centrifugal Hydro-Extractors For Loose Stock FibersContinuous Centrifugal Hydro-Extractors For Loose Stock Fibers

Rousselet Robatel has developed a unique continuous centrifugal hydro-extractor for hydro-extraction of flocked or loose stock fibers for continuous textile processing with high production capacities for applications such as carpet recycling, cotton bleaching, etc.

Centrifugal Hydro-Extractors with Fixed BasketCentrifugal Hydro-Extractors with Fixed Basket

Designed for centrifugal hydro extraction of textile fibers, fabrics, and piece goods after wet processing such as washing, bleaching, dyeing, and carbonizing. Rousselet‐Robatel can provide a wide range of fixed basket, batch hydro‐extractors.

Centrifugal Hydro-Extractors with Removable BasketCentrifugal Hydro-Extractors with Removable Basket

To address special handling needs, Rousselet-Robatel manufactures hydro extractors with removable baskets and carriers for processing loose stock fiber, flock, bobbins, hanks, clothing items, textile bundles, etc.