Rousselet Robatel offers the widest range of continuous and batch de-oiling and drying centrifuges, also known as chip spinners or swarf spinners, specifically designed for applications in the machine tool and surface treatment industries, and are used for services such as metal swarf recovery, brass swarf, stainless steel swarf, aluminum swarf, copper swarf, bronze swarf, metal chips, brass and bronze chips, precious metal chips, metal recycling and metal recovery, oil recovery, and coolant recovery.

Basket Centrifuges with Removable Basket

Rousselet Robatel manufactures a range of basket centrifuges, with removable baskets, and chip spinners for de-oiling machined components, drying of parts, impregnation of parts in a fluid bath, and for hot galvanizing processes.

Batch Automatic Centrifuges

Rousselet Robatel manufactures a range of centrifuges, with baskets or bowls, with fully automated operation for de-oiling of machined components, small parts, and for oil recovery.

Continuous Centrifuges

Rousselet Robatel manufactures a continuous centrifuge designed specifically for de-oiling small parts or recovering metal swarf.

Decanter Centrifuges

Rousselet Robatel manufactures batch or batch-automatic centrifuges, for clarification of machining oils, or for clarifying liquids with small quantities of solids.


Rousselet Robatel manufactures continuous centrifugal extractors or mixer-settlers that are ideally suited to precious metal refining, and metal recovery.

Ancillary Equipment

Rousselet Robatel can provide turn-key systems that include the centrifuge, and ancillary equipment, for a complete impregnation, drying, or part drying line.