Learn more about ROUSSELET ROBATEL’s Manufacturing Facility and Capabilities in the above video.

The video above illustrates Rousselet Robatel’s Model SCPC continuous hydro extractor processing loose stock.

The video above is a demonstration of the Rousselet Robatel Model RCPC100Vx automatic batch centrifuge used in a process involving the dewatering of cut vegetables. These centrifuges are used in the food processing industry for large scale production of pre-packaged cut vegetables, and other prepared foods.

This video is a demonstration of the dis-assembly procedure for the Rousselet Robatel Model LX 204 multistage centrifugal extractor. This is the procedure for changing the heavy phase weirs, and for performing maintenance, etc.

Rousselet Robatel Model RC60VxRIAL Centrifuge

This centrifuge is designed for de-watering or de-oiling of delicate food products such as sliced fruits and vegetables or potato chips. The centrifuge cycle begins by feeding the material to the centrifuge basket at slow rotational speed. The pieces are spun for a pre-determined period of time at slow rotational speed. After spin-drying, the centrifuge casing tips over to discharge the dried pieces to a conveyor, for example, for further processing.

Vertical Basket Top Discharge centrifuge demonstration

This video is a demonstration of the semi-automatic top discharge filter bag system that eliminates the need for operators to manually dig out the centrifuged product.