Strengthened by our knowledge and experience in the design and fabrication of centrifuges, and as a result of the various industries that we serve, we have been able to adapt our centrifuges to a wide range of manufacturing,sectors and unique solutions that address the specific requirements of the food industry.

Horizontal axis basket centrifuge with automatic cycleThis horizontal axis basket centrifuge with automatic cycle is designed for partial or complete hydro- extraction, for large scale production in fruit and vegetable processing lines and other related applications.


  • SIMPLE OPERATION: conical basket and variable speed
  • EASY CLEANING: clean in place system and access doors
  • PRODUCTION AND PERFORMANCE: high production rates from 2 to 10 tons / hr.
  • MULTIPURPOSE: PLC control system and variable speed operation to optimize the cycle as a funtion of the product.
  • RELIABLE: reduced maintenance and safety interlocks

ROUSSELET ROBATEL can accomodate various production requirements, and with our extensive expertise, we can provide specially designed machines with ancillary equipment upon request.