ROUSSELET ROBATEL assures that the equipment operates at peak performance and conforms to safety standards.

Preventative Maintenance Preventative Maintenance
On-site field service, for a centrifugal extractor for rare earth extraction Preventative maintenance inspection of a horizontal peeler centrifuge


An annual preventative maintenance inspection and diagonistic check can be performed by our engineers and technicians on-site, at our customer’s request. This is typically performed during a scheduled shutdown. A complete inspection of all mechanical and electrical aspects of the centrifuge is performed during the visit.

An inspection report is submitted to the customer, indicating any recommendations and corrective actions to implement, with recommended spare parts or parts which need replacement.


Our engineers continually work with our customers to ensure that the centrifuge is used in an optimal manner, with improved quality and productivity during the life span of the equipment. In working with the end-user, we share our expertise and optimize the equipment based on:

  • Production methods (review of production tasks; minimizing handling, etc.)
  • The applications and process evulotuions: We are able to proceed with modifications to machines as a function of the application and service. (additional equipment, design modification, etc.)
  • Technology: New automatation levels, modernization of components, etc.
  • New regulations: New safety standards, etc.

Our engineers are also available for start-up and optimization of our rental equipment.

For our North American customers, to schedule a preventative maintenance visit, please contact:
Robatel, Inc.
703 West Housatonic Street, Suite L15
Pittsfield, MA 01201
Tel: 413-499-4818
Fax: 413-499-5648
For all other locations, please contact our headquarters:
Rousselet S.A.
Avenue Rhin et Danube
Zone Industrielle Marenton
07104 Annonay France
Tel: 33-4-75-69-22-11
Fax: 33-4-75-67-69-80