Rousselet Robatel has developed a line of horizontal peeler centrifuges which are specially designed to meet the stringent requirements of the pharmaceutical and fine chemical industries.

Rousselet Robatel horizontal peeler centrifuge with heel removal Rousselet Robatel horizontal peeler centrifuge Rousselet Robatel horizontal peeler centrifuge clean room application
Horizontal peeler with heel removal Pilot scale horizontal peeler centrifuge Peeler centrifuge in a clean room

These horizontal peeler centrifuges have been furnished to pharmaceutical and fine chemical manufacturers worldwide, and include the following features:

  • Fully opening casing for easy inspection between batches
  • Single motion scraper knife
  • Residual heel removal systems for complete product recovery
  • Validated CIP [Clean In Place] systems
  • Self ballasted frame for easy installation
  • Pharmaceutical grade polishing or electropolishing
  • Bag-out containment system for solids sampling
  • Pharma documentation package [IQ / OQ, Factory Acceptance Test, …]
  • Clean room installation

In addition to the features mentioned above, our horizontal peelers offer these other benefits:

  • Explosion-proof electrical equipment
  • PLC Automated control system with up to 10 product recipe programming
  • Various cake detection devices
  • AC variable frequency drive for maximum processing flexibility
  • Pressurized pneumatic shaft seal
  • Feed pipe design that ensures optimum product distribution
  • Vaportightness to 40 mbar (16″) WC

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Technical Characteristics - Custom Built Designs Available Upon Request