• Treatment of waste material for recyling or compacting: metal chips, crushed plastic refuse, waste paper, textiles…
  • Quality Control: centrifugation of ink cartridges or glue dispensers to eliminate air pockets or to ensure sealing.
Decanter centrifuge with automatic bottom discharge, with elevated platform and solids receiving sack.
Continuous basket centrifuge Model SCPC-C

ROUSSELET ROBATEL knows how to respond to specific centrifugation needs for which centrifugal separation is the appropriate solution, strengthened by our ability to tailor and design centrifuges in multiple services to address specific demands.

We have therefore designed and provided many types of decanter centrifuges from our traditional product ranges, and adapted to special diverse applications, which are frequently furnished in the following services:

  • Enviromental protection
  • Recycling
  • Quality control

A worldwide specialist in basket centrifugation, ROUSSELET ROBATEL can adapt to the specific requirements and we know how to address specific problems, with tailor-made machines and we can supply other ancillary equipment upon request.