ROUSSELET ROBATEL designs and fabricates the Model SCPC continuous centrifugal hydro-extractor for loose stock and flocked fibers. With its unique features, the SCPC is designed for use in continuous textile bleaching, dyeing, and impregnation treatment lines.

Model SCPC Continuous Centrifugal Hydro-Extractor Model SCPC Continuous Centrifugal Hydro-Extractor

These continuous centrifugal hydro-extractors are typically used for processing cotton, rayon, viscose, wool, nylon / polyamide, linen, flax, silk, acrylic, technical textile, and cashmere fibers.

Advantages and Characteristics

Production – designed for continuous feeding and product discharge, the SCPC-TE can be used for high production throughputs, of up to 2500 kg dried product per hour.

Constant Drying – due to the consistent hydro-extraction system and thin fiber layer, the SCPC-TE yields a constant residual moisture level.

Drying Quality – the drying system, the formation of thin fiber layers, and the discharge principle allow for optimized fiber aeration and separation.

Significant Energy Savings:

  • Continuous Production: Infrequent start-up and shut down of the centrifuge
  • Efficient Operation: Minimum product loss to the downstream dryer (acrylic, polyester, nylon) and efficient drying through fiber aeration and separation (with wool for example, between 40% and 60% cost reduction)

Savings in Labor Costs – The SCPC is a fully automated machine., and since the machine does not need to be manually loaded and unloaded, no operator intervention is required.

Limited Maintenance Continuous feeding minimizes the possibility of unbalanced loads and reduced start-up / shut-down frequency and results in the use of fewer wear items and limited maintenance needs.

Improved Downstream Treatment – reduced moisture and improved fiber quality.

A worldwide specialist in centrifugal drying and hydro-extraction, ROUSSELET ROBATEL knows how to adapt to specific requirements, and apply special machine designs and ancillary equipment, to meet rigorous process demands.