industrial separation, enrichment, and purification process systems for use in the production of pharmaceutical quality cannabinoids in quantities from grams to kilograms

The medicinal properties of the Cannabis plant’s extracts have been known for centuries.  As modern research rapidly advances into its indications and therapeutic efficacy in treating chronic diseases and other medical conditions, an interesting approach has been developed by Rousselet-Robatel Kromaton for refining and isolating pure fractions of cannabinoids by sequentially applying centrifugal separation, extraction, and purification technologies.


Centrifugal Solid-Liquid Separation


Controlled Grow Facility


  • After maceration and other extraction methods, use the Model RC range of solid-liquid filtration centrifuges to filter Cannabis biomass from solvent.
    • Recover the extract containing the compounds of interest.
    • Reduce biomass disposal costs.

Decantation, model DRC


  • Following winterization, employ the Model DRC range of solid-liquid decantation centrifuges to clarify the extract.
    • Separate the crude cannabinoid phase from waxes, lipids, water, and other undesirable components.


Solvent Extraction & Separation Model BXP

Crude Cannabinoid Extracts

Crude Cannabinoid Extracts

Centrifugal Liquid-Liquid Extraction

Solvent Extraction & Separation

  • After extract recovery, apply the Model BXP  centrifugal extractor to contact the solvent phase containing cannabinoids with aqueous phase.
    • Recover the aqueous phase containing acidic cannabinoids
    • Recover solvent phase containing neutral cannabinoids.


Fast Centrifugal Partition Chromatography

Pure Cannabinoid Fractions

Pure Cannabinoid Fractions

Isolation & Purification

  • Apply the Kromaton FCPC® system to isolate and recover specific cannabis compounds of interest in high purities (pharmaceutical grade).
    • Rapidly produce pure fractions of THC, CBD, CBG, and other cannabinoids in gram to kilogram quantities.
    • Remediate pesticide risks, and risks borne by other potential chemical and biological contaminants.

purification schematic

From separation through enrichment and purification, the Rousselet-Robatel Kromaton Cannabis refining and purification process is proven and optimized for extracts containing a mixture of Cannabinoids like Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), Cannabidiol (CBD), and Cannabigerol (CBG), and respective isomers.  Due to the selective partitioning nature and discrete stage-wise operation of the FCPC partitioning chromatograph, highly pure fractions of constituents with very similar molecular structures can be obtained in semi-preparative, preparative, and production quantities.  Download  the technical flyer or visit for more information about the Kromaton FCPC®.